China Matters Documents New Tourism in Rural China

Beijing (ots/PRNewswire) Unlike typical household supplies featuring wooden furniture and adobe stove in Chinese villages in the past, Xiaowupu, or „little five villages“ in northern China’s Tianjin brings in Ikea style to its hostels to attract tourists.

This rural area consisting of five villages is located in Beichen district and selected for a modern tourism project in the port city. In these villages, modern hostels featuring Ikea-style furniture and decorations have been built to accommodate tourists, especially young and foreign guests.

Besides, the villages offer fruits picking, home cooking, family cinemas, game rooms and even VR entertainment devices for tourists. The local government is determined to make rural tourism an experience beyond just rural lifestyle.

Contrary to today’s much tidy and well-ordered landscape, the area was fairly different dozens of years ago. The roads were muddy and bumpy, and villagers were not able to use family washrooms.

In this video, Sweden host Miriam took her husband and son to the locale, staying and experiencing the modern lifestyle there for a few days.

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