20 modern glass igloos will welcome travellers from all over the world in Ruka in December 2019! (FOTO)

Ruka-Kuusamo (ots) What comes to your mind, when you think of Finland? Pure nature, snow and dozens of lakes, northern lights and forests? That is what inspired Johanna and Pauli Marin to build 20 modern igloos in a heart of Kuusamo, located in Finnish Lapland. Magical Pond emphasizes importance of nature, that is why its igloos were designed to be compact. It is a perfect place to observe nature as well in the winter, as in the summer.

Magical Pond is more, than accommodation, it is a place to experience the unique culture of Lapland.

Magical Pond has diversity of all-inclusive packages. The idea is to offer a mindfulness experience, an active day outside in the nature and peaceful night with breathtaking views. Packages are divided for three different types: A Touch of Magic, Wanderlust Magic and Arctic Magic. These packages have the variety of such activities as husky and reindeer safari, dinner in a Lappish hut and many other experiences. Magical Pond’s activity supplier, Lammintupa Winter Village, has more than 20 years of experience.

15 m2 sized glass igloos were inspired by Lappish nature and its shades. During the stay guests can enjoy delicious local food and sleep in the magical atmosphere of northern night. Kanttia 2 architectural bureau designed igloos to blend in the nature and let Magical Pond’s guest feel its closeness.

5 facts

– Building of Magical Pond village has started in June 2019
– Two adults and one child can fit in one igloo
– Kanttia 2 architectural bureau designed Magical Pond glass
igloos, the main part of constructors are locals
– Nature theme is a big part of design in architecture and
– Expected number of customers during winter season is 4 000


The Magical Pond’s founders Johanna and Pauli Marin are building an igloo village in a heart of Ruka-Kuusamo. It was easy for them to choose the location, Ruka is a well-known place for both of them. Originally Johanna is from Kuusamo and her sister, Mirjami, owns Lammintupa Winter Village.

„As they say, once you’ve been to Kuusamo, it will stay in your heart forever and I think it is true“, Johanna says. Both of them have experience of entrepreneurship for almost 10 years and they believe nature of Kuusamo, Ruka and Lapland will conquer hearts of each guest.

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